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ATT no negative pressure laminating water supply equipment

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ATT no negative pressure laminating water supply equipment

Price: / Brand: ATTPUMP Date: 2017-11-28

  • Advantages
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1. No negative pressure will be exerted on the municipal pipe network: the system is directly connected with the municipal water pipe network for pressurizing the water intake, which will not cause negative pressure on the municipal water pipe network;

2. High-quality intelligent computer control: jointly develop with scientific research institutions of colleges and universities and set up r&d centers.The non-negative pressure water supply system has a variety of functions, which can provide sophisticated high level precision control and achieve world leading level.

3. Borrow pressure: the equipment can take advantage of the pressure of the water pipe network during operation, and increase pressure on this basis to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

4. Keep the outlet pressure constant: the equipment will detect the outlet pressure through the pressure sensor in real time, and compare the measured value and set value to achieve the purpose of constant pressure water supply;

5. Uninterruptible water supply: when the power supply line is cut off, the system will realize uninterruptible water supply through ATT-WG and bypass pipe, etc., that is, the system will automatically switch to the water supply pressure of municipal pipe network.

6, a high degree of automation: system can achieve automatic control, and has manual and automatic switch, the deputy pump rotation regularly, pressure adjusting, constant pressure, and high and low pressure protection, owe phase protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, water protection, don't have to stop the water pump, instantaneous trip protection function, can also according to user requirements for the man-machine interface configuration, visual distance adjustment, monitoring and maintenance;

7. Hygiene: all parts of the ATT pumps are made of food grade materials such as German technology and stainless steel, in line with international water sanitation standards.The box type non-negative pressure device can ensure the water storage in the tank to be automatically updated every day by users, and the closed non-negative pressure device can be replaced in real time to ensure water sanitation.

8. Cost of use: the ATT adopts the most high-quality accessories, and the ultimate goal is to save the use failure rate of all customers, so as to reduce the cost of use and maintenance when customers use the series products without negative pressure.

9. Energy saving: the separate control technology of pumps of the stable water supply equipment of the series of escalator without negative pressure overlays makes the whole frequency conversion operation of the water supply system, overcoming the power waste caused by the limitation of the minimum frequency of electromechanical. Therefore, this product is more than 50% more energy saving than the domestic constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment.