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ATT-WX series of box type has no negative pressure

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ATT-WX series of box type has no negative pressure

Price: / Brand: ATTPUMP Date: 2017-11-29

ATT-WX series box - type complete set of non-negative water supply equipment can be directly connected with the water supply pipe network to ensure that the water supply pipe network does not generate negative pressure.In addition, there is no need to build a water tower, with small investment and small occupation. It adopts automatic adjustment of water and gas, automatic operation, energy saving and automatic connection of water supply. Water supply is still available after power failure.Compared with the construction of water tower, 70% of investment is saved, 60% of investment is saved compared with the construction of high water tank, and the civil construction investment is greatly saved.

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1. Remarkable economic benefits: by using this equipment, it’s unnecessary to build water tower or roof water tank , which not only reduces the construction period of the project, but also solves the disadvantages of high project cost, and also overcomes the disadvantages such as large fluctuation of air pressure and frequent start of pump.

2. Rigorous design: the equipment adopts variable frequency and constant pressure control of the pump. No matter how the water consumption of the system changes, the outlet pressure of the pipeline can be kept constant.

3. Reliable operation: the equipment adopts frequency conversion governor and high-quality water pump, which has perfect protection function and automatic and manual conversion function, making the operation very reliable, with good performance, flexible control mode and strong anti-interference ability;

4. High efficiency and energy saving: the equipment can adjust the speed of the water pump according to the change of user's water consumption, making the pump always work in the high efficiency zone, with obvious energy saving effect, which is 35% more energy saving than the constant speed pump;

5. Simple operation: the equipment adopts automatic control, PID adjustment and real color touch screen display.The operator only needs to change the switch of electric control cabinet to realize the operating condition required by the user and realize automatic unattended operation.

6. Complete protection functions: it has perfect automatic protection functions such as overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, overcurrent, short circuit and water shortage. It can conduct signal alarm, self-check and fault judgment under abnormal circumstances;

7.Saving place and easy installation: the whole set of equipment has only water pump unit, control cabinet, diaphragm pressure tank and accessories, which is very simple and convenient to install.

8. Extended service life of pumps and motors: it can reliably realize soft start for multiple pump sets, make the power grid and pipe network free from impact, and operate in turn, greatly extending the service life of pumps and motors.