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Small sewage hoist

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Small sewage hoist

Price: / Brand: ATTPUMP Date: 2017-09-20

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The overall sewage discharge design is for the toilet, washstand, bathtub and shower.

It is applicable to the renovation and addition of bath toilets in basements, parking lots, suites, warehouses, and added rooms.

No need to destroy walls and floors;

Saving reconstruction costs;

Sewage can discharged in any direction;

Rear-row toilet set is installed with complete set that can save installation time;

It can be installed behind the toilet or hidden behind the wall (the length of rear tube should be extended);

1 inch /DN32 outlet caliber;Exhaust valve;Single flush of 6 liters;

Maximum ambient temperature is 54℃;

Stop water level is 95mm, start water level is 114mm;

Weight 55kg (including toilet and sewage tank);

100% submerged water detection;

The product is guaranteed for one year.