About ATT

Company Culture

Building an ecological civilization is important to the well-being of the people, the future of the nation and the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

1. value comes from service, innovation builds brand:

ATT adheres to the guiding ideology of "new times, new guide, new strategy and new act", and always carries out innovation and creation activities based on advanced manufacturing concept and perfect service system, and makes efforts to realize the Chinese dream of "green water and green mountain".

2. Completely solve the problem of secondary water supply pollution:

At present, the secondary water supply is seriously polluted. ATT professional technology research and development team has developed a series of water supply equipment and solutions, making great contributions to reducing energy consumption, improving resource utilization rate and solving the secondary water supply pollution problem.

3. Perfect combination of quality and aesthetics is ATT's lifelong pursuit:

The company owns the world's leading water technology, and pays attention to the aesthetic value and craftsmanship of products, and integrates quality and aesthetics.Providing high quality products and high value-added services is a lifelong pursuit of ATT people.

4. Innovative technology and perfect life

While pursuing economic benefits, enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities, set up charity funds, spread ecological concepts, adhere to technological innovation, and make contributions to building smart cities together and building a harmonious and civilized new homeland.