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National investment plan


At present, the level of domestic water supply industry manufacturers is uneven, ATT group will build a top domestic non-negative pressure water supply equipment company, to be the industry leader. The perfect combination of quality and aesthetics is our belief and orientation. Good service, good quality, craftsmanship, from every detail is the purpose of the enterprise.

A.Enterprise development plan

1. Build the most high-end non-negative pressure water treatment system expert in China and a famous international brand.

2. The company's development network spreads all over the world to achieve the development of enterprise globalization.

3. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, improve corporate culture, go public steadily and build a century-old enterprise.

B. Investment ideas

ATT always insists on quality and service. We will improve the standard investment attraction policy and effective market protection system to ensure the basic interests of our clients and partners. At the same time, ATT headquarters sets up the enterprise brand platform and allows partners to enjoy the economic benefits brought by enterprise brand, quality and culture.

C. Principle of investment attraction

ATT is mainly looking for a group of friends who share the same views, have the ideal, have the thought, have the ambition to do a career, our purpose is win-win cooperation, common development, creating the future!